Planning & Zoning Board


  • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month (unless there are no submissions)

Board Members

  • Janet Adler
  • Alan Bebchick
  • Jerome Gavcovich
  • Steven Hurwitz
  • Wesley Kean
  • Oscar Sklar


In accordance with Section 5-23.01, the Planning and Zoning Board consists of seven members. Up to five of the members shall be presently employed full time or were employed full time in the field of engineering, architecture, land use and zoning law, city planning, construction, or any other field which substantially relates to the planning and development of real estate. 

The professional members are not required to be residents of Bay Harbor Islands. The two remaining members shall be residents of the town for a minimum of one year and they are not required to possess any professional license or professional designation. Each member of the Board shall serve a two-year term unless they resign, are no longer able to serve, or are otherwise removed.


The Board reviews and approves new construction, exterior renovations, additions, plan revisions, etc. The Board is responsible to ensure that the plans for the proposed structure or project is in conformity with good taste, good design and in general, contributes to the image of the town as a place of beauty, spaciousness, harmony, taste, fitness, broad vistas and high quality.

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