News Release from the Office of the Town Manager
September 29, 2021 (Bay Harbor Islands, FL)

The primary concern of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands is the safety of its residents. Early this evening, we received a 70-year recertification report from an independent architect hired by the association of a 10-unit residential apartment building located at 1065 98th Street (Bougain-Villa Condominium). The report indicated significant structural and electrical deficiencies. The professional opinion of the architect who conducted the recertification is that "the building is unsafe until further testing and design analysis is conducted by the third-party structural engineer and testing firm to establish the cause(es) and extent of the structural damage to the building..." The Architect further noted that, "the building was also found to have electrical deficiencies that could be the cause of an electrical fire or long-term power outage, therefore, I also believe this makes the building unsafe unless and until remedial repairs are performed as needed, or it is established that the building has been made electrically safe." As a result of this report by the architect hired by the Bougain-Villa Condominium Association, the Town of Bay Harbor Islands’ Chief Building Official has declared the building unsafe for occupancy.


Town of Bay Harbor Islands
9665 Bay Harbor Terrace, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154