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Shepard Broad Causeway Pass Plan

The Shepard Broad Causeway SunPass Toll Pass Plan (Pass Plan) is a flat-rate convenience toll-pass subscription program for use with SunPass transponders, only. NON-SUNPASS TRANSPONDERS AND PLATES ARE INELIGIBLE FOR EXEMPTION.

Terms and Conditions

In order to avail oneself of the Pass Plan program for the Shepard Broad Causeway, you must be able to meet all the requirements outlined herein and abide by these Terms and Conditions, without exception. 

  • Your vehicle must have a Florida plate and a current, valid Florida vehicle registration in your name (or in the name of your spouse) and the plate must be registered to the same SunPass account as your transponder.
  • You must have a current, valid Florida Driver License. (Out-of-state, seasonal residents wishing to purchase a 6-month pass must provide proof of residence for the state in which they reside full-time, prior to applying.)
  • Each Pass Plan covers one (1) registered SunPass transponder for use by the applicant, their spouse or minor child for one (1) vehicle for the consecutive number of days purchased. The registered SunPass transponder is your sole means of access to zero-cost tolls. 
  • Your SunPass transponder must be properly mounted in/on your vehicle at all times so that it is read consistently when using the Shepard Broad Causeway toll. Determining proper transponder placement for your particular vehicle is the responsibility of the Pass Plan holder, not the Town. 
  • Your SunPass account must reflect a positive balance without interruption, for the length of your Pass Plan subscription. If you allow your SunPass account to fall below zero at any time, you must enroll in auto-replenishment with SunPass in order to continue your participation. Any tolls incurred during the period your SunPass account was negative are your responsibility to pay.
  • You must attest to the fact that you owe no money to the Town of Bay Harbor Islands, SunPass, FDOT or any toll agency for tolls incurred by any means. If you are found to have defaulted on a toll bill in the past, you will be deemed eligible to participate in the Shepard Broad Causeway Toll Pass Plan Program.
  • If at any time you change vehicles or transponders, you are required to complete and submit a change-form accessible at in order to continue participation.
  • If the exempt transponder is not read by the receiver in the electronic toll collection lane for any reason you are 100% responsible for that toll charge and for determining the cause. License plates are not associated with your Pass Plan and license plate charges are not covered by the Pass Plan. NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED OR GIVEN should you be charged via your license plate. Any and all requests for plate charge refunds will be denied. Attempting to be refunded for charges not covered by the Pass Plan may result in termination of your Pass Plan. 
  • You must agree that the Town of Bay Harbor Islands has no obligation or liability to you with respect to your use or the performance of the SunPass transponder. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless from and against any and all damages, loss, cost, expense, or liability relating to, arising from, or as a result of, the use or performance of the SunPass device. No refunds for tolls may be expected or requested. 

    Pass Plan holders are responsible for all aspects of their Pass Plans including renewals. We suggest you mark your calendar with a reminder to renew no less than 25-business days prior to expiration to avoid a lapse in coverage. No notification will be sent by the Town. 

Violation of Terms and Conditions 

  • Failure to abide by any of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, will result in suspension or termination of your Pass Plan (immediately disqualify your device) and (any and all) toll trip transactions executed thereafter will be processed through the SunPass or Toll by Plate program as stated in the SunPass Business Rules. 
  • *If within 5-business days of payment for a Pass Plan you wish to request a refund for said purchase you may make the request by emailing If the amount paid for your Pass Plan exceeds the retail value of the trips exempted to date, a refund will be issued for the amount paid for that plan, less the retail value of those trips.

You may apply for the Pass Plan using a smartphone, tablet or computer. If you do not have access to any such device or feel you need assistance doing so, you may go to Town Hall and request help from staff. Be sure to bring all the required documents and information with you.

  • If you submit your application on a weekend or holiday, the clock does not start until the next business day.
  • No one may request or expect to receive preferential processing.
  • Questions and or other correspondence related to the Broad Causeway SunPass Toll and/or the Town’s Pass Plan must be addressed to Such correspondence, as well as all other Toll-related records and monetary transactions, are subject to review.

The Application Review Process

The information provided on each application is sent to SunPass for verification and your SunPass account activity is reviewed for the past 90-days. If rejected you will be required to reapply.  Any of the following are reason for rejection:

  • Information on the application that does not match your SunPass account. (Account holder name, address, etc.) 

Apply or Renew

To apply for a Pass Plan, go to and select "2024-2025 Pass Plan Application for the Shepard Broad Causeway"

Updating Pass Plan Information 

  • To make a change of transponder or other information for an unexpired, existing Pass Plan, go to
  • Turnaround for changes to unexpired, existing Pass Plans may be as much as 5-business days. For applications submitted after 3:00 PM, or on a weekend or holiday, the clock does not begin until the following business day.

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