Town Flood & Map Information Services

To assist residents in understanding the National Flood Insurance Program and the effects construction, remodeling and maintaining buildings, the Town offers the following services:

  • Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Reading/Determination - Assist you in understanding the FIRM and determine the correct base flood elevation for specific properties.
  • Flood Insurance Rating Data
  • Site specific elevations for mechanical equipment
  • Copies of completed FEMA Elevation Certificates are available
  • Provides information on our local drainage system and those areas they may be experience local drainage problems
  • Historical flood information

Additionally, staff will visit properties upon request to review its flood problem and explain ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage. For further assistance, please contact the Town’s Building Department at 305-993-1786 or in person at:
9665 Bay Harbor Terrace
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154