Property Protection Measures / Flood Proofing

The term “flood proofing” means physical alterations to your building that improve the ability of properties and structures to withstand the damages caused by flooding. You need to prepare your own emergency list of activities and procedures to follow in case of a flood, tropical storm or hurricane. Information is available at Town Hall, the Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management and at the local library. You must take action now to minimize losses to you property and possessions.

Types of Proofing Improvements

While recent improvements in construction practices and regulations have made new homes less prone to flood damage, there are a significant number of existing homes that are susceptible to flood losses. These losses can be minimized through some of the temporary and permanent flood proofing/retrofitting techniques, such as:

  • Constructing small flood walls or earthen berms
  • Waterproofing and water tightening closures of doorways
  • Raising your property above flood level
  • Elevating and securing electrical appliances
  • Under emergency conditions, sandbags can be used to shore structures, and elevating or covering furniture and valuables can help minimize damage.
  • Installing storm shutters and reinforcing garage doors to provide hurricane protection

Important Note

Any alteration to your building or land requires a permit from the Building Department. Even regrading or filling the floodplain requires a permit.

More Information

For more information on these techniques, you may call the Building Department at 305-993-1786.

Dry Flood Proofing 

Dry flood proofing includes sealing or waterproofing with special materials and compounds which provide a chemical or physical barrier against water intrusion during times of flooding.  Information on this can also be found in the reference section at the local library.